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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Reveals Why She’s Done Interviewing ‘Warped’ Trump Supporters

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota revealed Friday that after last week’s U.S. Capitol riot she is done with interviewing “warped” supporters of President Donald Trump, declaring “there’s nothing anyone in this delusional group can teach us about being open-minded and tolerant.”

In an op-ed published on CNN’s website, the “New Day” anchor noted how she had “listened closely to Trump supporters’ feelings and motivations” since 2015 in the hope that voter panels on the show she co-hosts with John Berman “would help our viewers understand all sides.”

Camerota acknowledged “the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol do not represent all 74 million Trump voters” but warned the hardcore base of Trump’s present-day supporters have become “openly delusional and untethered from reality.”

“Yes, I still believe in civil discourse and hearing all rational sides ― not the crazy, violent side, which is what my CNN colleagues got at the Capitol when their questions were met with threats from the mob last Wednesday,” she concluded. “I think at this point the smartest thing the rest of us could do is no longer give warped Trump supporters a platform and no longer lend them our ears. It’s time to turn off their microphones.”