Colbert Reveals Why Trump Isn’t Welcome On The ‘Late Show’ Anymore

Stephen Colbert said Wednesday that he could never have President Donald Trump on the “Late Show” again.

Colbert hosted Trump in 2015, more than a year before he won the 2016 election. But he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he wouldn’t invite Trump again. 

“It would be hard for me to be properly respectful of the office because I think that he is so disrespectful of the office,” he told Cooper, adding:

“It’s very hard to perceive him as I would want to perceive a president in terms of their status, and their dignity, and their representation of the United States. So I think just for safety’s sake, it wouldn’t be a good idea.” 

Over on his own show, Colbert noted Wednesday’s plunge in the stock market, the biggest one-day drop of the year.

But many analysts were more alarmed by the inverted yield curve.

“Do you have any idea what that means?” Colbert asked his audience. “If so, please tell me because I’ve been watching TV all day long and I’m still not getting it.”

Yields on the 10-year Treasury bonds fell briefly below the yields on the two-year notes on Wednesday, an “inversion” that is often an indicator of a looming recession. 

But not every expert agrees on the significance of the inversion ― so the “Late Show” host turned to the charts for an explanation.

And he found a disturbing trend that had nothing to do with yield curves: