Irish Media Dumps On Mike Pence: He Came As A Guest And ‘Sh*t On The New Carpet’

He has supported LGBT discrimination under the banner of “religious freedom.”

In March 2015, Pence&nbsp;<a href=”″>signed Indiana’s&nbsp;Religious Freedom Restoration Act</a>&nbsp;(or RFRA) into law, effectively legalizing discrimination against LGBT people across the state. The bill, which Vox called “<a href=””>one of the biggest political crises</a>” of Pence’s career, allowed business owners to&nbsp;<a href=”″>cite their religious beliefs</a>&nbsp;as justification for turning away LGBT customers.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <br>The bill’s passage sparked&nbsp;<a href=”″>national controversy</a>, and in the end, was reported to have set the state back&nbsp;<a href=””>$250 million</a>.&nbsp;In April 2015, Pence signed <a href=”″>a revised version of the bill </a>into law that&nbsp;included language that&nbsp;<a href=”” target=”_blank”>explicitly barred businesses</a> from denying services to customers on the basis of categories that include sexual orientation and gender identity. Many LGBT rights advocates <a href=”″>remained critical&nbsp;</a>of the revisions, saying that Indiana should have repealed the measure altogether.