Jim Carrey Rips Fox News, Gives Damning New Meaning To ‘MAGA’ In Latest Art

On Monday, the actor and artist rebuked social media and right-wing disinformation as “one of the most corrosive threats to society moving forward” with a cartoon that also swiped at the widely watch conservative network Fox News, which has prime-time personalities who often advocate for Trump:

It followed this image in praise of President Joe Biden, which Carrey released over the weekend, in which the “Kidding” star gave Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan a brand new meaning:

Carrey announced in January of last year that he was done producing his anti-Trump and politically themed art, which HuffPost has covered on numerous occasions over the past four years.

The coronavirus pandemic ― and the Trump White House’s catastrophic response to the crisis— prompted Carrey to pick up his pencils again. And if the comedian’s prolific output this month alone is anything to go by, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.