Joe Scarborough: Why Do Republicans Hate Mike Pence So Much?

Joe Scarborough on Thursday suggested that Republicans must really despise Vice President Mike Pence to continue backing Donald Trump, whom he described as “corrupt” and “not temperamentally fit” to be president.

The host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” mocked GOP lawmakers who “are making fools of themselves” by defending Trump’s actions — even as the president faces an impeachment inquiry — and then scrambling to change their explanation when Trump switches his story.

“They keep humiliating themselves,” Scarborough said. “They’re acting as if Donald Trump will be in office for the rest their lives. He just won’t.”

He added that “every Republican knows” Trump is illiterate when it comes to the Constitution, U.S. history and knowledge of its place in the world.

“You just have to start asking yourself, ‘How much do these Republicans hate Mike Pence?’” Scarborough said. “Because this is not a choice between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. It is not a choice between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren. It is not a choice between Donald Trump and, quote, ‘fake news.’”

“They continue to stand steadfastly by him when it is so obvious he’s not fit to be president of the United States,” Scarborough later concluded. “I just wonder, why do they hate Mike Pence so much that they don’t trust a guy who’s actually been a conservative all of his life to actually run a sane White House?”