The Problem with Samuel Olekanma Coaching is the Guaranteed Result all his clients are getting..

When A Veteran Correction Officer Becomes a Mentor it comes with experience

From the Office of Samuel Olekanma

March 28 2022

Are you feeling ready to take yourself to the next level?

I fully understand your search for the right coaching solution in life.

I mean, we all want to unleash the full extent of our potential and empower ourselves to live our best lives! Achieving all of our specific goals and dreams, while becoming the best versions of ourselves is what every single one of us aspires towards deep down.

However, sometimes, life simply gets in the way of our goals.

Challenges that seem impossible to overcome, difficulties and obstacles we’re facing daily, life situations which are wearing us out… Oh, and let’s not forget the beliefs, emotions and actions holding us back – they all make a tiring baggage that we have to carry with us at all times. They are literally working together to prevent us from living our fullest potential.

Luckily, this baggage is not something that can’t be thrown away once and for all. You can efficiently and powerfully overcome all your obstacles with the right coaching and guidance, and life your life free to grow, learn and prosper.

If you are serious about improving in any area of your life; whether it be your health, fitness, finances or relationships; you are at the right place.

My professional coaching will do wonders at helping you get rid of limiting and unhealthy beliefs that are holding you back.

Looking to improve your financial life?

Professional coaching will help you overcome financial stress and insecurity, as well as deal with other emotional and practical aspects of money efficiently in order to reach your life and business goals in the most efficient manner.

You will be able to realize your true potential, navigate a positive relationship with money, and improve your financial behaviors. The training will bring keen awareness and mental clarity, and give you the confidence to make intelligent and informed decisions to live a prosperous life.

You will be able to learn from inspiring real-life case studies that will uncover a wide range of possibilities to change your life.

The benefits coaching will bring you are not temporary – they will help you master powerful techniques that you can easily repeat by yourself throughout your life and keep growing.

If you’d like a more personal coaching that encompasses all areas of your life, you’ll be happy to know that I can help you become your best, most powerful version.

My coaching will assist you identify various sources of power, build leadership skills, and influence others with thoughtful and deliberate decisions in your personal and professional life.

You will be able to identify and effectively deal with negative people and build strong relationships with positive people.

The coaching is based on real experiences that provide unique insights and are easy to relate to and understand.

It’s time to bring pleasure, excitement and triumph to your life!

Get rid of negative thoughts associated with past experiences or events, resolve relationship roadblocks, deal with intimacy problems, and reframe sexual challenges.

You will be able to achieve self-realization and develop the skills and confidence to express your authentic self with your partner for enduring relationship success.

Expect inspiring real-life examples that will give context to the life-changing lessons that you will learn during coaching.

As a correction officer with almost two decades of experience, I can safely say that my experience in understanding what makes people tick is practically unmatched. My job consists of sitting down, talking with, and working (sometimes on a deep psychological level) with convicted criminals.

I’ve had the opportunity to converse with over 1000 of them during my 19 years of working as a correction officer.

Let me put it this way: if someone has made a headline in crime, I’ll probably be talking with him or her in 3 days or less…

This has provided me invaluable, real-life, hardcore insight in what makes different people tick, what drives them and what compels them to act the way they’re acting.

I can utilize the full extent of this real-world experience in order to provide you with personal insights, advice and guidance on how to take your life to a whole new level by identifying your thoughts, feelings, actions and goals, while aligning all of them to serve you and your vision of your future life.

Ready to get started?

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I look forward to helping you live your dreams.