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Trevor Noah Recounts ‘Loser In Chief’ Donald Trump’s Election-Denial Bids

Trevor Noah left a little something under the tree for Donald Trump’s critics ― a collection of “The Daily Show” host skewering the desperate attempts by the “loser in chief” to overturn his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. (Watch the clip below.)

“Trump lost the 2020 election like 63 times,” reads the show’s description of the YouTube clip, posted Wednesday.

Noah knew all along that the lame-duck runner-up would go to extremes.

“Even though things look bleak for him, Donald Trump is not a quitter, if you don’t count his casinos and marriages,” the comedian cracked.

Amid the blizzard of Trump’s frivolous legal challenges to the election, Noah observed, “Strategy No. 1 is Trump’s first response to anything, whether it’s trying to get out of paying a bill or silencing a porn star: lawsuits.”

“Trump’s claims are being thrown out in the courts all over the country,” Noah noted. “Michigan courts, Georgia courts, federal court, even food courts are like, ‘Man, get your bullshit out of this Panda Express, Donald!’”

“He’s getting thrown out of the courts so fast, the bailiffs don’t even say ‘all rise.’ They just like ‘Y’all can keep sitting, man. We won’t be here long.’”