Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Kurd Betrayal Means ‘America’s Word Ain’t Worth Sh*t’

Trump suddenly announced Sunday night that he’s pulling out U.S. troops backing the Kurds who have spent years battling ISIS and losing thousands of fighters. Trump took the action after a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stunning Pentagon officials.

“This is just insane,” Noah said. “The Kurds have been essential in America’s fight against ISIS.”

Trump’s decision has “now put America’s Kurdish allies in danger,” said Noah. “After a move like this, you can’t blame America’s allies for thinking America’s word ain’t shit.”

With the Syrian Kurds now at risk, ISIS “could make a comeback,” he warned.

It was a “Syrious” message from Noah. But he did manage to have some fun with Trump for referring in a tweet to his own “great and unmatched wisdom.”

Noah scoffed: “He is technically correct. There is nobody who matches his wisdom.”

Check out the video up top and find out what Noah believes the Kurds can do to get back Trump’s support. It has something to do with Joe Biden.