Trump Campaign Manager Brutally Mocked After Threatening To Stop Twitter Ads

Donald Trump’s campaign manager threatened to stop advertising on Twitter Friday to protest the platform’s recent ban of Mitch McConnell’s social media team.

But while Brad Parscale was intending to make a serious statement, many Twitter users used the threat as a setup for their own punchlines.

Twitter banned “Team Mitch” on Wednesday after the Republican Senate majority leader’s campaign shared a video showing what the Louisville Courier Journal described as “a profanity-laced protest outside of the Senator’s home.”

A Twitter spokeswoman told the paper the video violated the platform’s violent threats policy, specifically threats involving physical safety.

The rep said the account was unlocked on Friday after McConnell’s campaign successfully argued the video was meant to highlight the threats for public discussion.

The video will be available on McConnell’s page with a sensitive media interstitial.

Before the account was unlocked, Parscale attacked Twitter and threatened to remove all campaign ads from the platform.

We stand with Sen. McConnell & won’t spend another dime with @Twitter until they unfreeze his account. Locked it after he showed video of threats against him.

Twitter is cool with Hamas or Louis Farrakhan, but not Senate Majority Leader. 

Terrible bias!

Although many Trumpers backed Parscale’s threat, others hoped he was serious.

One person noticed the McConnell tweet was actually more like a dog whistle:

Others thought the senator’s campaign doth protest too much.

Of course, memers were out in full force:

But one person did admit there would be unintended consequences if Parscale did go through with his idle threat: