Trump Can’t Decide If America Is Great Or Not In Bizarre Rally Moment

President Donald Trump can’t seem to decide if America is great or not, and he asked his supporters for help during a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday night.

Trump called his 2016 “Make America Great Again” slogan “the greatest slogan in the history of politics in our country,” then said “I hate like hell to give up” the motto.

Despite the fact that his 2020 campaign theme already appears to be “Keep America Great,” Trump repeated the two slogans and asked for the audience to help him choose. 

“Applaud like crazy for the one you want to use for this campaign,” he said. 

But they couldn’t seem to decide and cheered twice. 

“There’s a possibility we’ll use both,” he said. “Maybe one a little bit less.”

Trump has been road-testing the slogans as part of his stump speech since his campaign kickoff in Orlando last June.