Trump Hands Out Halloween Candy To A Minion And It’s… Awkward

Donald Trump’s attempt at handing out Halloween candy wasn’t that sweet for one costumed kid.

On Monday, the president and first lady Melania Trump hosted children of military families, as well as D.C.-area elementary school students, for trick-or-treating, according to CNN.

Although the president looked to be in good spirits, he seemed more interested in playing tricks rather than handing out treats, at least to one child dressed as a Minion from “Despicable Me.”

Although the child had a bag like the other kids, the president chose to place a candy bar on top of the kid’s costume, with the first lady then following suit.

Both sweets quickly slid off as the child walked away, and the president laughed, according to

But the kid didn’t miss out on the fallen treats. Another adult stepped in and grabbed the candy off the ground and gave it to the Minion.

Twitter users couldn’t help but comment on the slightly awkward encounter.