Trump Retweets Zany Message Slamming ‘Pro Shark Media’ Over Fox Impeachment Blowup

President Donald Trump was so upset by a confrontation over impeachment on “Fox & Friends” that he retweeted nearly two dozen messages about it — including one bizarrely ripping the “Pro Shark Media.”

In his haste to churn out attacks, Trump apparently hadn’t realized he was retweeting a message from the “Trump But About Sharks” bot account. The account inserts shark terms into his tweets to mock Trump’s hatred of sharks. 

“Trump apparently hates sharks, so this bot does some word replacement on his tweets to make them about sharks,” the account explains.

Screen shot of Trump's retweet of message attacking "pro shark media"

Screen shot of Trump’s retweet of message attacking “pro shark media”

No wonder Trump hates the “pro shark media.” In a 2013 tweet, he classified sharks with the “losers and the haters of the World!”

Trump got triggered Sunday after conservative talk radio host Mark Levin exploded when Fox News reporter Ed Henry pressed Levin if it was “okay” for Trump to ask the Ukrainian president in a July phone call “to dig up dirt” on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son. The call has become the focus of a formal House impeachment inquiry.

“What happened in the Oval Office on that call, was it illegal or not?” Henry asked Levin.

Trump posted a clip of the confrontation on Fox — and retweeted multiple attacks on Henry and praise for Levin.

But many Twitter followers enjoyed the president’s retweet about the pro-shark media.