Trump Says ‘Never Trumpers’ Are ‘Human Scum’ In Bizarre Twitter Tirade

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Donald Trump didn’t mince words on Wednesday when he posted a tweet going after “Never Trump” Republicans, whom he called “human scum.”

The angry-even-for-Trump tweet was presumedly meant as a warning shot to party members like Mitt Romney, who haven’t unquestionably defended the president in the impeachment inquiry.

The president expanded on his dislike for “Never Trump” Republicans in a series of follow-up tweets, the second of which targeted John Bellinger, the attorney who represented acting ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor during his closed-door deposition on Tuesday.

Trump’s fourth tweet took a passive-aggressive tone as he implored his own “well-meaning and good (I hope!)” staff to stop hiring “Never Trumpers.”

As is to be expected at this point, other Twitter users had plenty of responses to Trump’s tirade.

One person wondered why the incendiary tweet wasn’t considered a violation of Twitter standards:

Another said she’s more concerned about other issues, rather than a few politicians being called “human scum:”