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William Barr Resigns, And Trump Gets Burned By Twitter Users

After President Donald Trump announced Monday that Attorney General William Barr had resigned, Twitter users went wild with snarky comments.

The president announced the resignation in two tweets.

But many Twitter users were skeptical about the cheery tone in Trump’s tweet, considering Barr had recently risked getting on the president’s bad side.

Last week, the president railed against the Justice Department’s handling of investigations into Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. Trump was also reportedly not happy when Barr told The Associated Press that the Department of Justice had not uncovered evidence of fraud that would affect the election results.

Twitter users immediately speculated about what really happened between Barr and Trump.

Some wondered what would “Q” do?

One man found the tone of the tweet surprisingly upbeat.

Others thought the Barr resignation was just the president’s attempt to keep the focus on him no matter what.

But one guy managed to put everything in blazing perspective.