Alec Baldwin’s Trump Plots With A Wacky ‘Rudy’ On Impeachment In ‘SNL’ Season Opener

Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump in the 45th season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” grappling with the House impeachment inquiry in what he called the “greatest presidential harassment of all time.”

“I would know,” he muses in the Oval Office. “I’m like the president of harassment.”

Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani wasn’t particularly helpful.

“Relax Mr. Trump, we’ve got nothing to worry about,” McKinnon reassures in a phone call. “Nobody’s going to find out about our illegal side dealings with the Ukraine, or how we tried to cover up those side-dealings, or how we planned to cover up the cover-up.”

“Rudy, where are you right now?” Baldwin asks.

McKinnon: “I’m on CNN right now.”

Aidy Bryant’s Attorney General William Barr suggests Baldwin find a “sacrificial patsy” to take the fall for him. So he calls Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), who’s outside a church. “Still waiting for what’s-his-face to come back?” Baldwin asks. “You mean Jesus?” Beck responds.

“Kim Jong Un” — played by new “SNL” cast member Bowen Yang — suggests sending “your whistleblower to the bottom” of the ocean.

When that doesn’t cheer up the president, he turns to judge Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong) for one of her bodice-ripping pep talks.

Trump finally calls Liev Schreiber, and asking Ray Donovan (the famous Schreiber character) to help him. After the actor patiently explains that Donovan is fictional, Baldwin’s Trump asks instead for … John Wick.

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