Chris Hayes And His Audience Expertly Use Donald Trump’s Own Appeal Against Him

Chris Hayes on Friday poked fun at President Donald Trump’s insistence that people read the transcript of his call with Ukraine’s president that sparked the impeachment inquiry, despite its potentially incriminating nature.

The host of MSNBC’s “All In” stood in front of audience members wearing shirts that read, “Yes, read the transcript!” (countering Trump supporters’ similar attire at his rally in Kentucky earlier in the week) as he encouraged people to actually listen to the president for once. (The “transcript,” as the White House keeps referring to the record of the July phone call, is actually a partial summary and not “verbatim.”)

“The president says you should do it, I say you should do it. We are all in agreement. In this contentious time when we’re divided, we are in agreement about this one thing,” said Hayes.

“So, if you out there, if you like the president or you don’t like the president, or you don’t know whether the president extorted the president of Ukraine,” he added, “yes, by all means, everyone listening to my voice and to the president’s voice, please for the love of God, read the transcript.”

Check out the clips above and below: