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We are glad to award this award to Eva Health Services in Baltimore Maryland




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Are you ready to enter awards?

How long have you been in business?

  • Less than 2 years- new business category
  • More than 2 years-ask yourself

Do you have satisfied customers, processes and are you making a profit? Do you have a growth plan?

Information on business awards?

To find out about business awards in your area or industry – Google it! Or check on your competitor’s website and see what they have won!


Why enter? When you complete an award entry it gives you the chance to looks at your business from every angle and this is an extremely useful exercise. If you get shortlisted or win you gain-

  • Credibility- an award gives you the edge against your competition and validates your work.
  • PR opportunities which will help to build your reputation
  • New business opportunities
  • Something to shout about to existing clients
  • Networking opportunities

What you need to considerCheck industry awards and local awards. Read categories carefully to check if you fit the criteria. Be very careful to read the application carefully and give the judges exactly what they are asking for.

Generally, you would include

  • Your business plan & details of your marketing plan and examples of marketing materials and logo.
  • Testimonials and case studies from your customers.
  • Details of anyone who supports you with your business or any staff you employ.
  • Professional accreditation, memberships and qualifications.
  • WOW factor – what makes you stand out against your competitors?

When completing make sure you-

  • Make sure you check and double check the spellings and grammar and choose an easy to read font and bullet point rather than write long paragraphs and stick to any word count.
  • Support your application with facts about your business and achievements with clear evidence.
  • Add visuals – photos, pictures, info graphic and graphs all help to illustrate-make your application stand out.
  • Tell your STORY to the judges –ensure this comes across with passion and is easy and interesting to read.
  • If its postal -present in a nice folder or bound, clear and easy to read.
  • Always stick to the rules and check the terms and conditions of entry.
  • Make sure you get someone to read through and check your entry before submitting it.

 If you get shortlisted or win

Make sure you use the news for PR and tell your customers

  • Use the logo on your website and stationary
  • Shout about it on social media

If you don’t get shortlisted or winConsider what you didn’t include, where your business can improve and try again!


  1. About the business owner (500 words) tell us about you. Share any relevant qualifications and experience and why you have a passion for your industry.
  2. How the business began (500 words) Share what inspired you start it, what the business does and what is your USP. Share your business story.
  3. How do you provide great customer service? (500 words maximum unless you are entering Customer Service Category, in which case this is extended to 1500 words) How do you wow your customers? Why do they return? How do you make them feel valued? How do you put things right when things go wrong?
  4. How have you grown your business and what are your future plans for growth. If you don’t have any and are happy with the way things are that is fine just say in your entry. (500 words) But if you do have plans share what those are.
  5. How do you market your business (500 words)? Share what channels you use. How do customers find you? You can share this in a simple list.
  6. What is your turnover, gross and net profit for the last financial year? YOU MUST INCLUDE this. Our awards are not scored on the highest turnover but on a profitable business that earns you at least a living wage. On a new business the judges will not be expecting to see a profit so you must include projections.
  7. What are your best achievements (500 words maximum)? Tell us what makes you proud! Showcase the application by highlighting the achievements that are relevant to the category being applied for. Ensure these are business related achievements. You can do a list or describe something that made you very proud,
  8. BUSINESS BIO – Please summaries in ONE sentence what the business does (no more than 50 words). We use this in the programme – so make sure what it says makes sense!


  • You can either submit the same entry clicking 2 categories or submit 2 separate entries, but you will be charged £25 twice.
  • Entry is online and will close at 5pm on 1st July 2019 NO EXTENSION
  • Make sure you read all the information before you submit the entry. The entry cannot be amended once sent – although you can send us a new one. We will refund the second fee.
  • We suggest working on your entry on a word document and when are you are happy copy and paste into the form on the website
  • Mark attachments referenced to the relevant question
  • File sizes are 256MB and can be jpeg, pdf or GIF. You can add links in your entry. E.g. You Tube Private Link.
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Add evidence ensuring you include facts, figures, relevant pictures, graphs, customer surveys, publicity materials, testimonials, case studies.
  • Keep a copy of your entry- this will be useful for other awards.
  • Results will be announced no later than 3rd September 2019 via email.
  • DO NOT ENTER IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE FINAL ON 11TH OCTOBER 2019 at The Tower Hotel in London. Tickets will be £135.00 plus VAT and this includes a champagne reception, 3 course meal with wine, coffee and our amazing presentations.


  • All sponsors and award winners are automatically invited to be part of this exclusive club.
  • There is no membership fee but you have to be a winner to be part of it.
  • Post Awards drinks event (free) and Summer Networking Lunch (fee applies)
  • A fantastic networking opportunity to be with the very best business owners!
  • Ongoing promotion of your business via social media

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