‘Green Shirt Guy’ Laughing At Trump Supporters Is Twitter’s Hottest New Meme

A guy in a green shirt has gone extremely viral after he was filmed cracking up at a pair of Donald Trump supporters who interrupted a Tucson City Council meeting to yell their anti-immigrant beliefs.

The protesters, one of whom was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, were kicking up a ruckus about the council’s successful vote to allow a “sanctuary city” initiative on the November ballot ― a voter-sponsored initiative that would add protections for the undocumented in Tucson. 

Green Shirt Guy later identified himself on Twitter as Alex Kack after the video posted by Arizona journalist Nick VinZant climbed rapidly in views and shares.

In an interview with News 4 Tucson, Kack said he couldn’t see any other plausible reaction to the MAGA supporters besides laughter. 

“People really took time out of their day to go interrupt a City Council meeting to just yell crazy, ignorant, racist, hate-filled stuff in the most absurd manner they could possibly do it,” he said in the interview. “Why wouldn’t you laugh at this?”

He said that in this “incredibly dark time” filled with so much “hateful rhetoric happening nationwide,” he wanted to focus the attention he was receiving toward the sanctuary city measure.

“Ultimately I think the majority of this country, regardless of their political affiliation, understand that the loudest voices happening right now are kind of ridiculous,” he said.

“And I think that laughter is resonating because I think that’s kind of how people feel right now.”

Racking up close to 5 million views in 21 hours, Green Shirt Guy quickly soared to viral stardom, which he chose to use as a platform to promote the Sanctuary Initiative.  

People were also pretty impressed with the rest of the audience, which included an old man with a banjo (now dubbed Banjo Man), two older women who sang a song about sanctuary cities, a majority of attendees who booed and shouted “Shut up!” and a guy who told the protesters they were “in direct violation of being a jackass.”

Here’s Banjo Man in all his glory:

The Sanctuary Initiative would implement measures to protect immigrants, including preventing Tucson police from asking about immigration status, The Associated Press reported.

The council vote came at a particularly fraught juncture for immigration discourse, just days after the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, shined a spotlight on the problematic rhetoric around Latino migrants.

People celebrated the universe’s delivery of Green Shirt Guy at a time when the country needed him most.

Here are some of the best reactions to his Twitter debut.