Trump Is Suddenly Very Worried About Elizabeth Warren’s Growing Crowds

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been drawing increasingly large crowds as she campaigns for the Democratic nomination to run against President Donald Trump. And it’s not just her supporters who have noticed. 

On Tuesday, Trump attacked Warren, claiming the media reports inflated her crowd size. Then, for good measure, he threw in his racist nickname for her: 

Last weekend, Warren drew a crowd that her campaign estimated at 15,000 in Seattle:

After the event, she spent hours posing for selfies with supporters who stood in a line that stretched around the park:  

Although Trump still routinely packs arenas, he famously obsesses over his crowd sizes and often wildly inflates the number in attendance, especially when it comes to those gathered outside. Last year, for example, Trump claimed to have an overflow crowd of 45,000 people outside a rally in Missouri. However, a city official told CNN that “1,000 or so” were outside. 

Trump has repeatedly touted the crowd size from his 2017 inauguration. Then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer even lied about it in a press conference, saying the crowd was the “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” Trump also ordered a government photographer to edit images of the event to make the crowds seem larger than they were, the Guardian reported last year. 

Given that obsession, many of Trump’s critics noticed his tweet, and more than a few asked him the same thing: Getting nervous?