Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Bernie Sanders Boxing Stunt And Gets Whomped By Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. came out swinging against Bernie Sanders’ boxing skills ― and ended up getting pummeled by Twitter users.

On Thursday, the president’s son tweeted a video of Sanders jokingly showing off his boxing skills at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The clip features Sanders slamming his bare fist into a punching bag, which rebounds and bonks him on the head. 

Sanders took the blow with good humor.

But Trump Jr. used the clip to suggest world leaders might do the same if Sanders were to win the 2020 election instead of his dear old dad, Donald Trump.

Both politics and boxing can be pretty brutal, but Trump Jr. apparently posted the video before realizing he was setting himself up ― once again ― as a punching bag for Twitter users.

And they were happy to pile on:

One guy had a pointed question for Trump Jr.

And one woman wondered if Trump Jr. wanted a tweet do-over.