Harvard Law Professor: ‘More Than Enough Evidence Now’ Against Donald Trump

Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe on Thursday warned that “the United States of America is in real danger” as he broke down the latest developments in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“We’ve got a president who is willing to compromise our national security by hurting a country that is a buffer zone between an expanding Russia and the NATO alliance by undermining the Ukraine,” Tribe told CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the ongoing fallout from Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president. During the call, Trump had requested his counterpart to dig up dirt on his  potential Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden allegedly in exchange for the release of military aid.

 “There’s more than enough evidence now to conclude that this president has committed what the framers would have regarded as grave high crimes and misdemeanors, including one that is named in the Constitution, namely bribery,” Tribe said later in the interview.

“I mean, that’s a bribe. It’s extortion,” he added. “It’s clearly an abuse of power, it’s a betrayal of trust, it’s a high crime and misdemeanor, and it’s about time that we brought this all to an end.”