People Want ‘Obama Netflix’ To Become A Thing After Trump’s Bizarre Tweetstorm

President Donald Trump’s suggestion that former President Barack Obama’s book and Netflix deals are worthy of investigation is drawing mockery on Twitter.

The topic surfaced Monday when Trump shot out a series of irate tweets over the course of several hours, defending himself against the mounting list of inquiries into whether he’s profiting from his office and suggesting some alternative investigations:

The suggestion that the House Judiciary Committee investigate Obama’s television and book deals is peculiar since both deals were made after Obama left office. While both were very lucrative ― the Netflix deal reportedly clocked in at a high eight figures ― it’s unclear why Trump thinks they’re worthy of an investigation.

The former president and his wife, Michelle Obama, both signed book deals in 2017. The former first lady’s memoir was released last year and Obama’s book could drop during the presidential election campaign, in 2020. The Obamas’ Netflix deal, which was established last year, has just released its first production, the “American Factory” documentary.

People on social media were quick to respond to the president’s tweets. Some suggested Trump’s real issue with “Obama Netflix” might come down to jealousy that his rival will beat him to an Emmy, while others just wanted “Obama Netflix” to catch on as a phrase: