Rudy Giuliani Declares His Mission Is ‘To Disrupt The World’

Attorney Rudy Giuliani, who has defended his client, President Donald Trump, in a series of cable news hits and off-the-rails conspiracy-mongering interviews, said Friday that his purpose is “to disrupt the world.”

The former New York City mayor made the remark during a Fox News appearance, where he continued to spread unfounded corruption allegations aimed at former Vice President Joe Biden amid an escalating impeachment inquiry into the president.

“My mission is to defend my client in the best traditions of the legal profession,” Giuliani told host Martha MacCallum, adding that it is in Trump’s “best interest” to “unravel the corruption in the Ukraine.”

The lawyer has found himself ensnared in the House impeachment probe, which was fueled by Trump’s repeated requests for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to aid both Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr in an investigation of Biden. An August whistleblower complaint called Giuliani a “central figure” in the matter, and warned that Trump’s action was a solicitation of election interference targeting the Democratic frontrunner. 

House lawmakers including Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) subpoenaed Giuliani on Monday for documents concerning Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine for help, which he has been ordered to produce by Oct. 15.

On Thursday, former State Department special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker testified to congressional investigators that Giuliani had insisted that Ukraine agree to pursue probes of the 2016 election and a Ukrainian energy firm on whose board Biden’s son once served, The New York Times reported.  

Text messages released the same day and published by The Washington Post revealed that U.S. diplomats believed Trump would not meet with Zelensky without first securing Ukraine’s commitment to the investigations.

The communications also showed that Volker set Giuliani up with a Zelensky aide for a phone call, after which Trump’s now-infamous July conversation with Zelensky took place.