Trevor Noah Punctures Stephen Ross’ Boast That He’s A ‘Champion’ Of Racial Equality

Trevor Noah mocked billionaire Donald Trump-backer Stephen Ross as a mere  “dabbler” in racial equality and not the “outspoken champion of racial equality” he considers himself to be.

Noah derided the SoulCycle and Equinox company chairman’s recent boast while examining liberals’ calls to boycott both fitness franchises following news that Ross was hosting a Hamptons fundraiser for Trump and charging $100,000 for a photo opportunity and lunch and $250,000 to participate in a roundtable discussion.

“OK, let’s get something straight: If you’re hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump, I don’t know if you can call yourself a ‘champion’ of racial equality and inclusion,” Noah said.

“You can call yourself a part-time participant of racial equality. You can call yourself a dabbler of racial equality. You know? Not a champion! You’re not a champion!” he added. “Like, if racial equality was a sport, you’d be playing pick-up games.”

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