Trump Just Sent Another Big Signal He’ll Throw Pence Under The Bus, Rachel Maddow Says

Vice President Mike Pence may be getting nervous, because President Donald Trump’s lawyers keep bringing him up, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Wednesday.

“This is not a comforting pattern from the president’s lawyers,” Maddow said, noting that for the second time this month Trump attorneys have argued in court that the president enjoys certain legal immunity. But the vice president, the lawyers keep saying, does not.

What makes the argument even more confounding is that Pence’s name or position wasn’t even a part of the conversation. Maddow said the president’s attorneys keep mentioning him out of the blue.  

“Nobody was asking about the vice president in that moment,” Maddow said. No one was asking about Pence in a new court filing earlier this month either, but the president’s legal team brought him up then, too. 

Trump attorney William Consovoy argued that a president enjoys protection against criminal prosecution, but a vice president does not. And “the country can persist without a vice president,” he added.

“You’re Mike Pence. That flips your wig, right?” Maddow said. “Mike Pence is like, ‘Why did you guys say that?’”

Maddow also observed that Pence might be feeling particularly nervous after The Washington Post reported that Trump sent him to deliver the message to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that expected military aid was being withheld. 

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