Twitter Users Roast Trump For Tweeting He Would Never Say ‘Inappropriate’ Things

Self-proclaimed “stable genius” Donald Trump made an unforced error on Twitter Thursday when he denied The Washington Post’s report that he made an “inappropriate” comment to a foreign leader during a phone call.

The two-tweet denial started with the president claiming that the Post story was ― you guessed it ― “fake news.”

But it was the second tweet that turned into comedy gold after Trump made the mistake of asking a question he really didn’t want the answer to.

As you probably guessed, that loaded question set the president up for merciless mockery from skeptical Twitter users.

Of course, people also pointed out there is a lots of evidence of Trump being “dumb enough” to “say something inappropriate with a foreign leader,” as his leaked phone calls with Australia’s then-prime minister and Mexico’s then-president show.

He’s also said inappropriate things about world leaders. For instance, there was the time he seemed to mock the accent of Chinese President Xi Jinping. He also called Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen “nasty” just because she didn’t want to sell Greenland to the U.S.

Twitter users pointed out other inappropriate actions:

And some Twitter users advised the president there was a simple and probably unlikely solution to proving his point.