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Ex-Fox News Host Reveals Why She Now Speaks Out Against The Network

News anchor Alisyn Camerota has explained why she keeps speaking out against her old employer Fox News, where she worked on its “Fox & Friends” morning show before joining CNN in 2014.

“I’m not trying to go rogue,” Camerota said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Thursday. “I’m not trying to insult them. I’m trying to point out there is a major discrepancy between what the mission statement as I understood it was and what they’re now saying.”

Camerota acknowledged she was still “very close to some people at Fox” and didn’t really like talking “about how they run their operation, but the times that I talk about it, it’s when the hypocrisy is so astonishing that I can’t help but to talk about it.” 

Alisyn Camerota joined CNN from Fox News in 2014.

Alisyn Camerota joined CNN from Fox News in 2014.

“I remember what the talking points were there, what the mandate was there, I remember the issues that we went crazy with,” she explained. “That drove our news cycle for days, weeks. Now, I can’t believe that they’ve forgotten that. There are times where I just can’t believe the reversal on the air that they have done. … “

“They went berserk when Barack Obama would use executive action. Now, they don’t care,” Camerota added. “The idea of sitting down with dictators, the idea that Barack Obama said he might consider that — they went crazy, went berserk with that. So, all I’m looking for is a little like position consistency. … Their 180-degree turn has been astonishing for me.”

Camerota, who now hosts CNN’s “New Day,” last year explained how key talking points from her old show on Fox were regurgitated by social media bot accounts (operated by Russian officials) in a bid to sow discord in America.

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